Yumma's Mediterranean Grill

When you get hit with that particular, intense craving for Mediterranean food – and you know how it is! – Yumma's Mediterranean Grill has exactly what you need. Our authentic recipes use wholesome, natural ingredients, like meats raised without antibiotics or hormones and locally sourced produce. Yumma's is a healthy, super-delicious choice for lunch, dinner, or anytime the hunger strikes.

Hummus is staple food of our region, so we take care to get it right. Our hummus is tangy, savory and flavorful, and goes perfectly with a wedge of warm pita bread or inside a wrap. Our other traditional sides, tabbouleh and baba ghanouj, are light and lemony and a delicious complement to our other dishes. Our Mediterranean Plate combines these three treats with hot, crunchy falafel and pita bread for a wonderful vegetarian entree or shared appetizer.

More About Us!

For those who are not yet familiar with shawarma, it is similar to a Greek gyros: slow-roasted meat is shaved into thin slices and served on slice of grilled flat bread. Shawarma toppings include hummus, pickled vegetables, tomatoes and cucumber. Our shawarma is a hot mix of lamb, beef, or chicken on lavash bread with tahini or garlic yogurt and veggies. It has become an internationally beloved sandwich, and when you try it you'll understand why.

If you like shish kebab, here at Yumma's you have a choice of marinated pieces of meat served over rice with almonds and pine nuts. You can also order your kebab meat in a wrap! We love giving you exactly what you want here at Yumma's.

Family-owned and operated Yumma's takes great pride in offering our customers some of the most loved dishes of the Mediterranean region with fast and friendly service. You can order your meal to take out or eat in, either in our cozy restaurant or outside on our sunny patio.